John Deere Patent Prints - Set of Four Vintage Tractor Plow Wall Art Decor Photos

John Deere Patent Prints – Set of Four Vintage Tractor Plow Wall Art Decor Photos

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John Deere Patent Prints

John Deere, American blacksmith and manufacturer who founded Deere & Company in Illinois in 1837. John Deere has grown into one of the largest leading agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers in the world and their equipment and merchandise is now owned and collected worldwide. Any John Deere fan would be proud to own these reproduction prints that will look amazing as framed decorative wall art.

On Feb 21, 1865 John Deere invented an improvement for landside and share plates for plows. This was the first patent for the steel plow to be filed with the United States Patent Office. John Deere invented the steel plow in 1837 when the Middle-West was being settled. The soil was different than that of the East and wood plows kept breaking. This is an improvement on his previous design.

On Nov 10, 1931 Theophilus Brown designed a tractor to improve the cultivation of row crops.
With row crops, such as corn, it is desirable to be able to cultivate even after the plants have reached a considerable height. This tractor adaptation was invented with a relatively high clearance underneath its body to fix this problem.

The 1939 adaptation of the John Deere tractor was invented by Elmer McCormick on August 15.
This invention relates to the tractor body adapted for work in orchards where the tractor must be driven through and under low hanging branches. The tractor then was able to come into contact with fruit laden branches smoothly and continuously permitting the branches to slide over without bumping or catching.

The tractor enclosure invented in Sept 23, 1941 by Theophilus Brown.
The principal of the invention was to protect farmers from the hot sun and rain who previously had to rely upon umbrellas or folding tops. This saved the farmers from suffering during periods of inclement weather.

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