LoveSac Modular Furniture & The Original Oversized Sac Outdoor Movie Lounger (Melon Sunbrella Cover) by Touch Of Modern

This collection of Sactionals by LoveSac are the world’s most adaptable couch, designed to always fit in your space, always look like new, and evolve with your life as it changes. Made up of patented, infinitely rearrangeable Seats and Sides, you can add, subtract and configure your setup at will. Every piece is individually replaceable, so you'll never have to choose and haul a brand new couch, and unlike typical modular furniture, Sactionals are durably-designed with resin wicker frames, waterproof pine shoes, and steel clamps, so they'll never tilt, warp, or slide apart. They don't even require tools to set up. With sinuous steel springs and Italian webbing in the seat frames so they never droop or lose their bounce, and Sides that can be interchangeably used as either armrests or seat backs, it's a complete, weatherproof comfort system.This Outdoor Movie Lounger is not afraid to get wet. Hand-crafted from high-grade resin wicker, it's designed to resist moisture and built to last, so you’ll enjoy its color, form, and shape year after year.

Price: $4400.00
Condition: new